For many, ideal oral health is simply a beautiful smile. Flashing your pearly whites is more aspirational than realistic for many, though. As the average patient, understanding much of the dental world can be trickier than what they hear or see at face value. With little to no information on emergency procedures, teeth whitening treatments, or cosmetic dentistry, you may be swayed much more easily by common misconceptions.

Take teeth whitening, for example. There are so many myths to be debunked. It’s seen as a vanity move that is relatively effortless and will guarantee results. While a sparkling smile can be very much achieved with the help of professionals such as our team at Blue Mountains Dental & Implant Centre, misinformation can lead to overly ambitious expectations.

These are a handful of the most common misbeliefs we can debunk with our expertise and industry knowledge.

Myth 1: All You Need is a Good Whitening Toothpaste

As convincing as toothpaste advertisements are, a good whitening toothpaste is never enough to achieve a white smile. These products are often marketed as such, but how they actually work is to reduce and remove surface stains, which can improve the colour of your teeth. However they are only effective for the period of time they are in the mouth, which is at best, several minutes, three times a day.

Over-the-counter products are usually a short-term solution, whereas professional teeth whitening treatments are more viable and can offer more effective, longer-lasting results.

Myth 2: A Sparkling Smile Will Stay White

People believe that professional teeth whitening treatments are an investment, and they are. But that does not infer that it’s a permanent solution. Staining can still occur, and the onus is on the patient to prolong the effects of this treatment.

You can do this with regular maintenance and check-ups with our expert team. This will not only maintain your radiant smile but also ensure that your ‘investment’ is well protected for years to come.

Myth 3: A Strong Homemade Scrub Will Get the Job Done

With access to professional and not-so-professional advice online, information is becoming more convincing. So much so that holistic, organic teeth whitening treatments include making scrubs from food particles such as lemons, strawberries, or even salt. However, acid from these particular fruits can be harmful, causing more damage than you realise.

Myth 4: A White, Bright Smile Causes More Damage

Some of the biggest misconceptions that our patients encounter before starting their treatments with us is that teeth whitening does more harm than good. Tooth sensitivity is usually the cited result This occurs with the aggressive in office or salon approach. However, our approach of using the take home kits which are more gentle and put you in control you can be as fast or slow depending on the sensitivity of your individual teeth. this is further from the truth due to industry standards and regulations that professionals adhere to.

Our skilled team at Blue Mountains Dental & Implant Centre meets industry standards and prioritises safe, recommended procedures while using innovative whitening agents to give you a smile that will last.

Whiter teeth don’t need to be your aspiration. A confident and healthier smile can be achieved with teeth whitening treatments when you are fully aware of what to expect and how to manage your expectations.

Achieve a brighter, more radiant smile with our teeth whitening treatments. Schedule your appointment today.